About Us

We Ezo Medical Lab are Supplying our customers by IVD products from Brands Leaders World-Wide . We are proud to say that, over our course of 5 years. We have successfully built excellent business relationships with a wide range of customers in the Yemen

Our Vission

Ezo Medical Lab was established to help improve the scope, coverage and efficiency of laboratory testing in the Republic of Yemen . Ezo Medical Lab offers and provide complete services for all specialized diagnostic laboratory needs of the clinical testing in an efficient and high-quality environment that reduces both turnaround time and logistics-related costs, while implementing the best practice and setting a new benchmark for quality standard.

Our Mission

Our aim is summed up as follows: 1- All diagnostics laboratories experience a healthy work environment based on ethics, respect, win-win attitude, participation and cooperation in economically justified way. 2- Provision of reliable, timely and informative services from reagent and devices diagnostic to laboratory customers which in function offers best services supplying them by reagent and devices diagnostics safety and effective. 3- Keep pace with innovations and technology per our specialization for the sake keeping sustainable focusing the enrichment of targeted market with best quality products and services that satisfy our customers’ requirements and contributes to the creation of brilliant image of Ezo Medical Lab in the brain faculties of our valued clients.

Our Values

• Excellence in technology services. • Integrity in cooperation with customers and our selves. • Sensitivity ensuring value and respect our customers.